Twin Cylinders

Twin Cylinder diagramOur twin cylinders are designed for small spaces and provide an excellent hot water storage solution which can be hidden inside a cupboard or other small containing unit. 

Available in Grades 1 and 2 in Direct, Double Feed Indirect, and MACMATIC Single Feed Indirect.

The table on the right shows the standard “TWIN” sizes:

Height x Width x DepthMinimum Capacity
1050 x 580 x 280mm114 litres
1190 x 580 x 280mm136 litres
950 x 625 x 300mm MACMATIC114 litres

Alternative twin cylinder sizes can be made on request. 

To discuss your heating solution requirements, simply call our technical sales team on Tel: 01592 611123.

Twin Cylinders: Compact heating solutions when space is at a premium.