steel buffer vessel

steel buffer vessel

Mild Steel Buffer Tank

15.03.2012 Mild Steel Buffer Tank

McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated its flexibility in supplying mild steel buffer tanks with two of their latest orders, which showed the true diversity in sizes with a 1000 litre tank and a 6000 litre tank.

The 6000 litre buffer tank was ordered to replace an existing tank for a school in the highlands whilst, the smaller 1000 litre was for a stately mansion in the Lake District.

Steel Buffer Vessel

13.04.2011 McDonald Engineers Supply First Mild Steel Buffer Vessel

McDonald Engineers has reinforced its position as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of hot water cylinders by supplying its first mild steel buffer tank. Used in conjunction with Solid Fuel Systems, where the heat is dumped and stored in the buffer tank then used throughout the rest of the day. This cuts down on the length of time the boiler is on and therefore reduces the associated cycling costs etc.

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