Vented Copper Hot Water Cylinders

Vented Copper Hot Water Cylinders

Vented Hot Water Cylinders Supplied to Duchally Country Estate

McDonald Engineers have once again been shown to be the number one choice to supply hot water cylinders to the hospitality industry by having their Maxistore 7 direct vented hot water cylinder to the self-catering villas on the 5 star Duchally Country Estate.

Each of the 55 self-catering villas at the resort in the Scottish countryside features electric heating systems and McDonald Engineers’ Maxistore 7 is specifically suited to capitalise on off peak tariffs.

Mitsubishi Ecodan Insist on Copper Hot Water Cylinders for their Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of heat pumps, has reinforced copper's superior performance in renewable energy systems, by insisting that only copper hot water cylinders, such as McDonald Engineers POWERflow 2000 unvented cylinders,  are used in conjunction with their new advanced Ecodan heat pump systems. The news adds further weight to McDonald Engineers' campaign to promote copper's green credential when it comes to heat transfer and recyclability - as well as its bacteria killing properties.

Spares Page

We now have a page on our website for our Hot Water Cylinder Spares. We carry spares for Unvented Cylinders, Thermal Stores, Calorifiers, Plumbing Units and normal Vented Copper Hot Water Cylinders. We stock a wide range of spares such as Pressure Reducing Valves, Immersion Heaters, Relief Valves etc. Details can be found on our website. Please contact us with your requirements

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