Low Loss Header

McDonald Engineers UK has extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing bespoke low loss headers to suit any design or specification, thanks to our flexible manufacturing process and our highly skilled team.

What Are Low Loss Headers?

Low loss headers are generally designed to provide hydraulic separation between the boiler circuit and the heating circuit, regulating the flow rate and pressure, improving efficiency and performance.

This is particularly important in the case of modern boiler systems, which specify the optimum parameters to ensure the boiler operates at peak efficiency.

Should the velocity exceed or be lower than those specified by the boiler, performance can be compromised, resulting in irregular flow rates and water temperature, putting unnecessary strain on the system.

Low loss headers can also be used to allow multiple boilers and heating circuits to function efficiently.

Low Loss Header Specifications

Our low loss headers can be supplied to suit your specification and system requirements.  They typically feature a drain connection to allow any sludge or debris to be easily removed from the system, as well as connection sizes from 15mm to 150mm - or as you require.

Our low loss headers are generally manufactured from premium grade copper to provide maximum durability and performance.  We can also manufacture from mild steel depending on system requirements.

Lead Time

Whilst each Low Loss Header is manufactured to order, our typical lead time is approximately 3-5 days from sign off of all drawings.

 Please contact our sales team on 01592 611123 with your design requirements and we will provide you with a price and delivery.