Thermal Store

THERMflow Thermal Storage Copper Hot Water Cylinder , Thermal Store.
Thermal store mains pressure system


Calorifier tank range
Commercial Calorifier range vented and unvented


Unvented Copper Cylinders
Copper Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

Electric Wet

Electraflow thermal store vented stove with mains pressure hot water. Electric Water Heating System.
Electric wet central heating system


Rectangular Hot Water Tanks from McDonald Engineers. UK and Ireland suppliers of Elson Coral E Water Heater tanks, Elson 600E, 600i and 600C
Rectangular copper hot water tanks

Heat Pumps

Hot Water Cylinders for Heat Pumps, ECOflow
Heat pump cylinder

Vented Hot Water Cylinders

Vented Hot Water Cylinders
Vented Hot Water Cylinders

Bespoke Hot Water Cylinders

Bespoke Hot Water Cylinders
Custom designed solutions for complete optimisation

Slimline Copper Cylinders

Slimline Hot Water Cylinders
Slimline cylinders available from 300mm diameter

Plateflow Plate Heat Exchanger

Plateflow Plate Heat Exchanger, buffer vessel. Semi instantaneous storage tank water heaters
Plate Heat Exchanger With Buffer Vessel

Solar Cylinders for Hot Water

McDonald Engineers Solar Cylinders for Hot Water
Maximising the use of sustainable energy

Renewable Heat Pump Cylinders

McDonald Engineers Renewable Energy Heat Pump Cylinders
Renewable Energy Hot Water Cylinders