Buffer Tanks Accumulators

Buffer Tanks tend to be used in conjunction with renewable energy installations and in particular solid fuel systems, where the heat is dumped and stored in the buffer tank then used throughout the rest of the day.

This cuts down on the length of time the boiler is on and therefore reduces the associated boiler or heat pump cycling – which is when the boiler fires up and down to top up heat too regularly.

Boiler cycling is a key concern as it not only reduces operation life of heating equipment, increases breakdowns and the need for servicing but also increases fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Available As Options

  • Available from 100 litres up to 10,000 litres
  • Copper and Mild Steel Options

Technical Data

In addition to our standard sizes that we hold in stock, we offer a bespoke service creating tailored units so you don't need to compromise - to discuss your project just contact us on 01592 611123 or contact us online.