Hot Water Cylinder Manufacturers

McDonald Engineers is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high quality copper hot water cylinders, ranging from domestic vented and Unvented Cylinders to Thermal Stores and Industrial Calorifiers.

Our commitment to providing a total quality service is reflected in every aspect of our offering from the advice provided by our technical sales team through to the premium grade material used and our manufacturing systems and processes.

Our focus is very much on the manufacture of copper cylinders which offers superior performance in terms of heat transfer, bacteria killing properties and durability.

With a growing demand for incorporating renewable energy into both commercial and domestic heating, we have established a reputation as one of the leading specialists in developing hot water cylinders for solar thermal, heat pumps, solid fuel and biomass installations.

This is facilitated by our flexible manufacturing process and our expertise in designing and manufacturing bespoke hot water cylinders.

So, no matter what size, shape, dimension or capacity you require, we can manufacture your cylinder to our exemplary quality standards. We can also advise on the optimum design to minimise the installation process whether it’s a one off or a large scale project.

Thermal Store

Thermal Store
Thermal store mains pressure system


Vented Hot Water Cylinders
Vented Hot Water Cylinders


Unvented Copper Cylinder
Copper Unvented Hot Water Cylinder


Rectangular Hot Water Tanks
Rectangular copper hot water tanks


Calorifier range
Commercial Calorifier range vented and unvented

Heat Pumps

Heat pump cylinder

Electric Wet

Electraflow Electric Wet Heating System
Electric wet central heating system


Bespoke Hot Water Cylinders
Creating tailored units so no need to compromise


Plateflow Plate Heat Exchanger
Plate Heat Exchanger With Buffer Vessel

Solar Hot Water Cylinders

Solar Hot Water Cylinders
Maximising the use of sustainable energy


Renewable Energy Hot Water Cylinders
Renewable Energy Hot Water Cylinders


STEELflow Stainless Steel Cylinder
Stainless steel unvented mains pressure system